You have to start somewhere (and iPad 2 thoughts)

It has been over a month since I “started” this blog and this space has been left largely untouched. Over that time I have realized how immensely difficult it is to begin writing, let alone write frequently and thoughtfully like some of my favorite bloggers (Fred Wilson and Mark Suster to name a few), and I have even greater respect for them now than I already did. I realize that you have to start somewhere and there is no better time than the present, so I may as well start now.

By way of background: I am a Canadian citizen of Indian origin who grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia, graduated from Northwestern University and is now living in San Francisco and working at Scale Venture Partners after being in New York as an investment banker at Merrill Lynch (and yes, that was more than 140 characters). I plan on using this as a way to get my thoughts down on topics and trends that I think about on a regular basis or are being actively discussed. Examples would be technology (new/interesting technology, startups, VC investing…), a few thoughts on world events or pop culture (I am resisting the temptation to discuss Charlie Sheen) and perhaps the occasional post on sports (NFL lockout coming?). I will do my best to present my thoughts coherently and purposefully, but I can’t promise you there won’t be the occasional brain dump. I welcome any and all feedback, both positive and negative. I would also ask that, if you are so inspired, you question my thought process and challenge my views and opinions. It will help me continue to learn and for that I am grateful.

Initial thoughts on the iPad 2:

First, I would like to express how thrilled I was to hear that Steve Jobs was at the Apple event today and, contrary to the rumors that were floating around, looking good. Him being at the event was certainly encouraging as he has been and will continue to be vital to the company’s continued success.

Some statistics Apple released this morning illustrating success: 15mm iPads sold in 9 months in 2010 (>90% market share). 100mm iPhones sold. $2bn paid out to developers. 200mm accounts on file (given the payments system speculation, that is extremely interesting). Apple continues to deliver for the customers and the numbers back it up.

As far as the iPad 2 update: The new iPad is thinner, lighter, faster and comes in more colors than it’s older brother. It has front and rear facing cameras that will allow for FaceTime chatting and picture taking. It also has a pretty slick case. The price point is the same as previous generation and remains inline with the tablet market. It will be available on March 11 and, as with all other Apple product releases, will make March 11 an extremely busy day!

Given that I already have an iPad (and an iPhone, MacBook, iPod Nano and Nike+…did I mention I was the Apple Campus Rep at Northwestern?), I don’t think I will be buying the iPad 2. While the improved specs, cameras and cool case are all great, I don’t think they warrant making the change. Additionally, given the rumors about an iPad 3 release later this year or around the same time in 2012, I think I will stick with the current iPad and see what the 3rd generation has to offer (improved display and NFC technology?). However, that isn’t to say that I could never have a day like this, wander into an Apple store and end up walking out completely satisfied with my new toy. I have long said the iPad is the best content consumption device on the market and, while there is increasing competition in the tablet space, the iPad 2 will help Apple continue to dominate.